‘Mom, It’s Me!’ Woman Meets Son She Placed For Adoption 45 Years Ago And Confirms She Made Right Decision

If Brenda Van Sickle would have been able to care for a baby at 16 years old, she would have gladly—but she was determined to get him the best care, so gave him up for adoption.

Last month, 45 years later, she got a phone call, and was able to meet the man who benefitted from that difficult decision.

Wes Fenner found his mother through DNA testing, after living a good life with a loving family. He works for a major bank in New Orleans, and started a family of his own.

After talking to Brenda on the phone for a few weeks, he flew to North Texas to meet her alongside a pond.

She told NBC-5 News about hearing a voice behind her: ‘Mom, it’s me.’”

Wes said, “I’m not a huge crier, but it was definitely one of those moments. It was kind of like looking at myself, a slightly older version of myself, in the mirror.”

“You know you wonder about nature versus nurture,” Van Sickle said. “We send each other song lyrics back and forth and he listens to the same music I do. We like the same movies. We have the same snarky sense of humor. I’m going, ‘Yeah, this is my kid.’”