Rams cancel Friday’s practice “out of an abundance of caution”

The Rams are the latest NFL team to play the “abundance of caution” card.

L.A. has canceled practice today after two members of the organization “received COVID-19 test results Thursday night that required additional testing today.”

In other words, the Rams received a pair of positives. They’re now trying to determine whether they are false positives.

The Rams played Monday night in Tampa, and they host the 49ers on Sunday.

Many have derided the NFL’s “abundance of caution” mantra this season. A high-level source with one of the league’s teams sounded off on the term last night, calling it “league attorney’s talking points.”

“An ‘abundance of caution’ is no season,” the source said. “A ‘reasonable amount of caution’ is more appropriate.”

There’s plenty of merit to that observation. Indeed, application of an “abundance of caution” would have resulted in the NFL shutting down the Baltimore facility on Monday and Tuesday given the positive test results that emerged Sunday and Monday, respectively.

Regardless, the question now becomes whether the Rams are on the front end of an outbreak. The answer will come based on contact tracing and testing imposed today and tomorrow, if either of the two positive results become confirmed.